LGBTQ+ Histories of the United States

Since 2020, the ASHP has undertaken several initiatives to support and promote the efforts of educators and public historians focused on LGBTQ+ history.

Summer Institutes for Middle and High School teachers: in 2022 and 2024, ASHP organized and hosted NEH-funded summer programs for educators who want to incorporate LGBTQ+ history into history, social studies, and other classes.

In 2020-2021, ASHP worked with scholars and classroom teachers to write, review, edit, and revise 20 middle and high school lessons for Hidden Voices: LGBTQ+ Stories in United States History. These lessons were distributed to teachers throughout the school system and are available to other educators online.

Primary sources, suggested teaching activities and other LGBTQ+-related materials are being added to Social History for Every Classroom. See the Military History and the LGBTQ+ Community collection of documents and a forthcoming collection LGBTQ+ Struggles for Equality and Justice in the Twentieth Century.

Making Queer History Public, three thematic issues of ASHP’s podcast series, focus on efforts to collect and preserve LGBTQ+ history and for inclusive education. Funded with the support of Humanities New York and the CUNY LGBTQ+ Consortium.