CUNY Digital History Archive

Documenting activism at the City University of New York

A participatory project to collect and preserve the histories of the City University of New York

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Project Information

a counter-institutional archive
focused on collective efforts to build a stronger CUNY

150 years of CUNY history
in a searchable database

CUNY and Covid

A people’s history of a people’s university….

The history of CUNY is the history of marginalized communities in New York City fighting for equitable access to quality higher education. The CDHA documents this history with an open, participatory digital public archive and portal that gives public access to a range of archival materials. The project involves CUNY faculty, staff, students, archivists, librarians, retirees, and alumni.  We take an active approach to documenting CUNY history from the ground up, because we believe that today’s students deserve to know the people’s history of the people’s university.

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