Partner with Us

ASHP/CML welcomes the chance to partner with organizations at CUNY and elsewhere and to work on collaborative projects. We also offer consultation and development services to other organizations and projects. We bring decades of expertise in historical content development and pedagogical and curricular development for digital games, films, exhibitions, professional development programs and websites. Our work with other organizations includes:

Curriculum Development 

Advising and editing New York City Department of Education Social Studies high school curriculum writing teams on Hidden Voices, LGBTQ+ curriculum and units for Social Studies Scope and Sequence for use by NYC teachers. Development and testing of units of study for inclusion as exemplary curriculum models in New York City Department of Education’s Common Core Instructional Library, for use and reference by teachers throughout the city. Online resources and lesson plans for a National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment Initiative, Lessons of History. U.S. History curriculum review and evaluation for New Visions for Public Schools.

Professional Development 

Multi-year professional-development programs for humanities teachers in New York City public schools. Seminars and workshops on key events/themes in U.S. history for secondary and middle teachers, including a summer institute on LGBTQ+ history. Seminars and institutes for university and college faculty focusing on Latinx history and culture and the Visual Culture of the American Civil War. Seminars and workshops on incorporating digital resources and active pedagogies in classrooms from middle school through university. Content development for WNET/Thirteen’s Mission US, an online educational game series. Content development for a WNET/Thirteen TV series on women’s suffrage. Content development for Electric FunStuff on TimeSnap, a 3-D Virtual Reality game.

Exhibition and Website Development 

Website design and production for John Jay College’s National Endowment for the Humanities project, Making Objects Speak: Portable Audio Guides for Teaching with Visual Culture in the Humanities. Website design and production for The New Jersey Historical Society: What Exit? New Jersey and Its Turnpike. Research and writing for The Jewish Museum’s Bridges and Boundaries: African Americans and American Jews traveling exhibition. Documentaries for the Chicago Historical Society’s A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln permanent exhibit.

To inquire about consultation/contract services, contact Anne Valk.