Making Queer History Public Episode 2: Trans Lives and Oral History with Michelle Esther O’Brien

In the second episode of Making Queer History Public, we talk with psychotherapist, teacher, and activist, Michelle Esther O’Brien. We discuss the work Michelle has put in coordinating the NYC Trans Oral History Project, a community archive devoted to the collection, preservation and sharing of trans histories.  Making Queer History Public is sponsored by a Humanities New York Action Grant. 

Learn more about the NYC Trans Oral History Project, and access their archive, here. Listen to an interview with Michelle O’Brien on oral history methodology here. You can find out more about Michelle’s work here, and support her on Patreon @meobrien.

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Find other LGBTQ+ archives and oral history projects in the NYC region:

Lesbian Herstory Archives and Lesbian Elders Oral Herstory Project (Brooklyn, NY)

LGBT Community Center National History Archives (New York, NY)

Fales Collection at New York University (New York, NY)

Princeton LGBTQIA Oral History Project (Princeton, NJ)

Queer Newark Oral History Project (Newark, NJ)

New York Public Library’s LGBTQ Initiative (New York, NY)

ACT UP Oral History Project (New York, NY) 

Cherry Grove Archives Collection (Long Island, NY)

LaGuardia and Wagner Archives LGBTQ Collection (Queens, NY)

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