Mission US

Mission US: Serious History. Serious Games.

Mission US is an adventure-style online game in which players take on the role of young people during critical moments in U.S. history.

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Project Information

student players across the U.S.

7 online games
with supporting educator materials including classroom supports, teaching activities, historical background, and more

awards and prizes received from national educational and media organizations

No Turning Back Mission 7

This seven-game series invites players to take on the role of young people during critical moments in U.S. history: a printer’s apprentice in Boston in 1770, a Cheyenne youth during the Battle of Little Bighorn, an immigrant garment worker in New York City, a resident of the Manzanar prison camp in 1941, and a participant in Mississippi’s civil rights movement. Designed for middle school students, the game teaches both standards-aligned social history content and historical thinking skills. An extensive curriculum of classroom activities and primary documents supports each game.

Mission US is produced by THIRTEEN/WNET in partnership with ASHP/CML, Electric Funstuff, and EDC Center for Children and Technology.

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