Emily Uruchima


Emily Uruchima is a Kichwa researcher  born and raised on Lenapehoking territory (New York City). Emily received her M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (2021) and a B.A. in Social and Cultural Analysis with focus on Native American and Indigenous Studies (2020), both from New York University. Throughout her time at NYU, Emily worked as a Special Collections Assistant, archiving and digitizing the Native and Indigenous Media Collection, while bridging connections and facilitating collaborations between Indigenous elders and storytellers across Turtle Island. Much of Emily’s current research and work revolves around uplifting Indigenous communities, which have historically been silenced in large public institutions. Since 2015, Emily has been organizing with Kichwa youth across Turtle Island working on language revitalization projects and moving image archiving and preservation work. 

Contact Emily at: emily.uruchima51@gc.cuny.edu