New CDHA Collections and an Exciting Transition

January 14, 2022

The CUNY Digital History Archives has recently opened five new collections highlighting student and community activism and is now partnering with the Graduate Center’s Mina Reese Library. The new collections include: Community College 7 covering the community activism that helped to create Medgar Evers College; Puerto Rican Studies at Brooklyn College on the formation of one of the first Puerto Rican Studies programs in the nation; The Story of SLAM!: Oral History Interviews about student opposition to state budget cuts in the 1990s and early 2000s; The Shutdown: CUNY Responds to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which presents artifacts from students, staff, and faculty that reveal the myriad of ways Covid-19 affected the university; and Center for Study of Women and Society, which highlights the center’s achievements and struggles since 1975. Read more about three of these collections in The Gotham Center’s Gotham: A Blog for Scholars of New York City History.

ASHP/CML is also delighted to announce that after a decade under our leadership, the CDHA will now be jointly administered by the Mina Rees Library and ASHP/CML. The library will assume a lead role in developing and sustaining the CUNY Digital History Archive and its collections under the direction of Professor Roxanne Shirazi, with continued support from ASHP/CML. “CUNY plays a crucial role in the story of New York City and urban public higher education,” said Emily Drabinski, interim chief librarian. “We are delighted by this opportunity to further develop the CUNY Digital History Archive and carry forward the important work that has already been done to collect and preserve this vital history.” To read more about the transition see The Graduate Center’s news article.