ASHP/CML Develops Online History Curriculum for the NYC Department of Education

January 27, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected teaching and learning throughout New York City. With public school closures due to the virus, K-12 educators have been forced to reimagine their teaching styles to accommodate for the new reality of remote learning. In order to help ease this transition, ASHP/CML and other organizations have been working with the New York City Department of Education’s social studies curriculum team to develop online U.S. history lessons. We are using the DOE’s existing history resources––many of them previously created by and/or sourced from ASHP materials––as guidance as we translate in-person lessons into digital units. To date, ASHP/CML has developed 31 lessons on topics ranging from westward expansion to U.S. imperialism, Progressive Era reforms, and the Harlem Renaissance. These lessons are designed to be taught entirely online using Google Slides, and whenever possible, incorporate webquests, interactive online archives, and active teaching techniques and strategies that take advantage of the remote learning format.