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Published March 24, 2011

Learning to Look: Visual Evidence and the U.S. Past in the New Media Classroom (LtL) is a collaborative research project for humanities faculty interested in exploring the study of American history, art history, and new media technologies. Fueled by the new history scholarship and the growth of digitized archives on the World Wide Web, LtL focuses on teaching strategies that will help advance student understanding about the past through the use of visual evidence: photographs, illustrations, painting, film, and drawings.

LtL’s structure includes week-long institutes, leadership training seminars, campus workshops, case study reports, and curriculum development projects. The program will...Read more

Published March 24, 2011

After a long hiatus, the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning is initiating an e-Newsletter to keep you up to date on our projects, publications and events. In this first installment, Executive Director Josh Brown provides an overview of our recent activities. In upcoming e-Newsletters, we’ll move from the past to the future, with articles on a range of current projects and events. We plan to publish several times a year — if you are not receiving this newsletter as an e-mail and would like to, please send a message to CML.

In addition, we welcome the name...Read more

Published March 24, 2011
Staff and guests at ASHP’s 20th anniversary celebration viewing WBA? CD-ROM.
Staff and guests at ASHP's 20th anniversary celebration viewing WBA? CD-ROM.

This coming summer marks the twentieth anniversary of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning’s founding, making us eligible to be called venerable, if not (at least among usually short-lived non-profit organizations) ancient.

This anniversary prompts a certain amount of reflection and a good deal of amazement. Since 1981, we have done many, many different projects in many different media for many different audiences and participants–while remaining, I believe, true to our...Read more