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History Resources

Since its founding in 1981, ASHP/CML has embraced a range of media to change how people learn U.S. history and illuminate how working people and “ordinary” Americans shaped the nation’s past. We began with paper bound between covers, publishing the two volume Who Built America? survey of the ways that working men and women have influenced the economic, social, and political transformation of U.S. society. The Who Built America? textbook is now in its third edition, and along the way we've also developed ten documentaries on a variety of social history topics, each thirty minutes long and designed for classroom use. In digital media, ASHP/CML pioneered the creation of history CD-ROMs and has produced numerous websites, including databases of carefully chosen and contextualized primary source documents, an experiment in narrative and spatial immersion, the first crowdsourced history archive, and even an online game. And we like people just as much as pixels; ASHP/CML sponsors public programs on issues in public history and education, which take place at our home institution, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.