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Multicultural Project in NYC

Published March 24, 2011

ASHP/CML’s education unit recently received financial support from J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. for its multicultural pilot project, Exploring Diversity: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of U.S. History and Culture. Through a NYC Board of Education multicultural education contract, ASHP/CML plans to enhance its teacher training programs by developing and offering workshops that focus on race as a focal point for investigating major themes in U.S. history. Participants will consider the history of race and racism; migration and expansionism; the impact of images and media in U.S. culture; and the role of diverse groups of people in shaping U.S. history. This project is an outgrowth of ASHP/CML’s longstanding Making Connections program and an extension of our interdisciplinary curriculum materials. Exploring Diversity will be launched in Fall 2002 and will be open to middle and high school humanities teachers.


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