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“The City Speaks” and the New York City History Education Alliance

Published March 30, 2011

New York City History Education Alliance Conference

As part of its membership in the New York City History Education Alliance, ASHP/CML co-organized a hands-on workshop on “The City Speaks: Stories and Collections from New York City Cultural Institutions” for the Social Studies at the Core Spring Conference. The conference, which was sponsored by the New York City Board of Education, took place March 1, 2007 at Columbia University’s Lerner Hall. ASHP/CML was one of fifteen participating cultural institutions, and partnered with the Weeksville Heritage Center to present primary source materials about immigrant and African-American neighborhoods in antebellum New York City. Fifty middle-school teachers from around the city attended the workshop, and rated it as one of the highlights of the conference.

The New York City History Education Alliance, launched in January 2006 by the CUNY Graduate Center’s Gotham Center and funded by the Booth Ferris Foundation, is a professional organization of institutions grounded in the city’s diverse history and culture. ASHP/CML is a charter member of the Alliance and participates in its task force meetings. For more information on the Alliance, contact Lynda Kennedy at the Gotham Center at 212-817-8475 or

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