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¡Presente! Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in ¡Presente! Before you apply, please read the full project description and program requirements. Applicants are expected to participate throughout the project’s three-semester duration beginning Fall 2017. By the fall of 2018, faculty will have courses linked in a cluster of three: First Year Seminar, Social Science, and Humanities. BCC full-time faculty members may apply.

A completed application includes:

  1. A cover sheet that includes: full name, contact information, title, and department.
  2. A CV of no more than two pages. 
  3. A completed essay of no more than 2 pages that explains: 
    •  your interest in participating in the Presente program;
    •  a brief statement about your teaching philosophy;
    •  how the program will impact your humanities teaching; and
    •  a brief description of the course(s) you hope to infuse with Latino history and culture.
  4. Suggested syllabus that you are proposing to teach as part of the Presente program.
  5. Letter of support from department chair with commitment to support program requirements.

Applications should be emailed to by Monday, March 27, 2017.  

For questions, please contact any of the co-directors:

Peter Kolozi
Brandi Rima
718.289.5100 ext. 3632
Crystal Rodriguez
718.289.5100 ext. 3533


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