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Who Built America? Volume One: Table of Contents

Who Built America? Working People and the Nation’s History To 1877

  • By Christopher Clark and Nancy Hewitt
  • Ellen Noonan, Supervising Editor
  • Stephen Brier, Executive Editor
  • Joshua Brown and David Jaffee, Visual Editors

Part One: Colonization and Revolution, 1492–1815

  1. A Meeting of Three Worlds: Europe, Africa, and American Colonization, 1492–1680
  2. Servitude, Slavery, and the Growth of the Southern Colonies, 1620–1760
  3. Family Labor and the Growth of the Northern Colonies, 1640–1760
  4. Toward Revolution, 1750–1776
  5. Revolution, Constitution, and the People, 1776–1815

Part Two: Free Labor and Slavery, 1790–1850

  1. The Consolidation of Slavery in the South, 1790–1836
  2. Northern Society and the Growth of Wage Labor, 1790–1837
  3. Immigration, Urban Life, and Social Reform in the Free–Labor North, 1838–1860
  4. The Spread of Slavery and the Crisis of Southern Society, 1836–1848

Part Three: War, Reconstruction, and Labor, 1848–1877

  1. The Settlement of the West and the Conflict over Slave Labor, 1848–1860
  2. The Civil War: America’s Second Revolution, 1861–1865
  3. Reconstructing the Nation, 1865–1877
  4. New Frontiers: Westward Expansion and Industrial Growth, 1865–1877

Based on previous editions authored by: Bruce Levine, Stephen Brier, Joshua Brown, David Brundage, Edward Countryman, Dorothy Fennell, and Marcus Rediker.

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