American Social History Project • Center for Media and Learning

Teaching + Learning

Since 1989, the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning has worked with grade 7—12 and college instructors in professional development seminars in New York City and around the country. We offer materials ranging from ASHP/CML’s books, documentaries, and websites to carefully selected primary source materials. And collaboration is key: among teachers, CUNY faculty partners, and local museums. Our work with teachers emphasizes:

  • social history
  • interdisciplinary humanities
  • student inquiry
  • literacy
  • technology

Among our current programs, Making Connections features interdisciplinary humanities content and college faculty who mentor participating New York City teachers. Our two current Teaching American History programs, funded by U.S. Department of Education grants, serve local grade 7–12 teachers through scholarly lectures, model uses of primary documents, and collaborative opportunities to create and test classroom activities. Watch the brief video below to see our approach to teaching and learning in action.