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Published March 30, 2011

Double VIn our professional development seminars, we highlight documents that go beyond the traditional narrative. World War II is and remains a seminal point of study. As in previous wars, African Americans once again heeded the calls of unity, support, and sacrifice while they continued to endure the limits of segregation. They served in the armed forces and participated in all aspects of home-front activities.

At the same time African Americans sought to create awareness about the injustice and paradox of racial segregation in a democratic nation. In January 1942, an editorial by James Thompson...Read more

Published March 30, 2011

In 2005, ASHP/CML collaborated with New York’s public television station Thirteen/WNET on a proposal for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting entitled Mission America. This summer we learned that Mission America was one of seven interactive multimedia projects selected for funding among eighty-eight proposals. On July 30, 2007 ASHP/CML along with other Mission America partners (including Electric Funstuff, a Manhattan-based software developer, and the Education Development Center’s Center for Children and Technology, a leader in educational research) went to Washington, D.C., to give an in-person presentation to CPB and to meet other award recipients. The current funding is to develop a...Read more

Published March 30, 2011

ASHP/CML is embarking on a new professional development program in the New York City public schools funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Teaching American History initiative. This three-year program will serve K-12 social studies teachers in Queens and Brooklyn who teach students who are English Language Learners. ASHP/CML will explore historical content with teachers through primary source materials, scholar presentations, and model inquiry-based lessons. Faculty from project partners at the Queens College Department of Education and LaGuardia Community College will work with teachers to develop pedagogical strategies and adapt primary source materials for their English Language Learner students.Read more

Published March 30, 2011
Who Built America? Third Edition

In December 2007, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press will publish the third edition of Who Built America? Working People and the Nation’s History. This new edition retains the original’s distinctive interpretation and strong point of view. We continue to tackle controversial issues and offer opinions that are sometimes critical of celebrated figures or dominant beliefs. For this edition, we have taken account of the vast outpouring of recent scholarship to explore more deeply the histories of American Indians, Spanish-speaking peoples, women, the West, and the social and economic impact of globalization. To make...Read more

Published March 30, 2011
Young America in Sweden
Attending the conference dinner are (left to right) historians Cecilia O’Leary, Tony Platt, Linda Gordon, Vincent DiGirolamo, and ASHP/CMLers Andrea Vasquez and Pennee Bender.

With funding from a professional development grant from the Professional Staff Congress, Pennee Bender and Andrea Ades Vasquez participated in the biennial conference of the Society for the History of Childhood and Youth (SHCY). The conference was hosted by The Center for the Study of Childhood of Linkoping University and held in Norrkoping, Sweden, on June 27-30, 2007. As part of a panel on teaching the history of childhood, Andrea...Read more

Published March 30, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years

On March 6, ASHP/CML celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in a gala event held in the City University Graduate Center’s Dining Commons. Under the looming shadow of the Empire State Building, 150 staff (past and present), friends, and colleagues gathered for an evening of eating, greeting, reunions, and reflections about our longevity, what we’ve achieved over the last quarter-century- and what we still need to accomplish!

Left to right: Keynote Speaker Jill Lapore, Harvard University. Former ASHP staff Linda Ellman, ASHP Executive Director Josh Brown and Creative Director WTC
...Read more
Published March 30, 2011

Historian Joshua Freeman to Speak on Gutman’s Legacy: Writing the History of Postwar America Twenty Years Later

On Tuesday, April 17, Joshua B. Freeman, Professor of History at The Graduate Center, will deliver the 2007 lecture in recognition of the life and work of the late labor historian and co-founder of ASHP/CML, Herbert Gutman. Freeman will revisit Gutman’s scholarship to examine its implications for writing the history of the United States since World War II. One of the original authors of our Who Built America? textbook (the third edition of which will be published by Bedford Books late this year),...Read more

Published March 30, 2011

You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

In January 2007 ASHP/CML bade farewell to Edith DeGrammont, our administrator for more than a dozen years. Thanks to Edith, we now are a much better-organized outfit and we wish her well in her much deserved retirement. Earlier this year, Landry Kouassi, administrative assistant for our education programs since 1999, also moved on to accept an internship in his chosen field of computer science; we wish him our very best. We are pleased to welcome Sally Dawidoff to our ranks as our new office administrator. We also welcome Hillina Seife, a Ph.D. candidate...Read more

Published March 30, 2011

New York City History Education Alliance Conference

As part of its membership in the New York City History Education Alliance, ASHP/CML co-organized a hands-on workshop on “The City Speaks: Stories and Collections from New York City Cultural Institutions” for the Social Studies at the Core Spring Conference. The conference, which was sponsored by the New York City Board of Education, took place March 1, 2007 at Columbia University’s Lerner Hall. ASHP/CML was one of fifteen participating cultural institutions, and partnered with the Weeksville Heritage Center to present primary source materials about immigrant and African-American neighborhoods in antebellum New York City....Read more

Published March 30, 2011

The complete set of ten ASHP/CML Who Built America? documentaries is now available on DVD, covering significant themes in U.S. social history from the American Revolution through the interwar years of the twentieth century. Each DVD is broken into thematic chapters to allow easy selection of excerpts for teaching.

To mark the introduction of the new format, we have lowered the price for all our documentaries and instituted credit card purchases through Paypal. Series One programs (The Big H, Tea Party Etiquette, Daughters of Free Men, Doing As They Can, Five Points, Dr. Toer’s Amazing Magic Lantern Show) are now...Read more