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Who Built America? Documentaries on DVD

Published March 30, 2011

The complete set of ten ASHP/CML Who Built America? documentaries is now available on DVD, covering significant themes in U.S. social history from the American Revolution through the interwar years of the twentieth century. Each DVD is broken into thematic chapters to allow easy selection of excerpts for teaching.

To mark the introduction of the new format, we have lowered the price for all our documentaries and instituted credit card purchases through Paypal. Series One programs (The Big H, Tea Party Etiquette, Daughters of Free Men, Doing As They Can, Five Points, Dr. Toer’s Amazing Magic Lantern Show) are now available for $20 each, or the complete set of six programs for $100; and Series Two programs (1877: The Grand Army of Starvation, Savage Acts: Wars, Fairs and Empire, Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl, Up South: African-American Migration in the Era of the Great War) are $30 each, or the complete set of four programs for $100. Shipping and handling fees are also reduced to $7 per title or $20 for a series. We hope these reduced prices will allow individual teachers to purchase tapes for their courses. And ordering the DVDs is easy via our online order page.

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