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Take Our Children to Work Day

Published March 30, 2011
Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work day, April 23, 2009

April 23rd was “Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day” at the CUNY Graduate Center and ASHP/CML was one of two research centers to host an event. About a dozen children of Graduate Center employees visited ASHP/CML’s offices to participate in “Playing the American Revolution.” Our guests enjoyed a hands-on sneak preview of a new online video game produced by WNET/Thirteen in partnership with ASHP/CML. In “For Crown or Colony?” players assume the role of fourteen-year old Nat Wheeler as he journeys to Boston to become a printer’s apprentice and becomes caught up in events leading to the Boston Massacre and the American Revolution. Although the game is intended for middle school students, at least one participant under the age of ten embraced the game as an opportunity to practice reading skills in a fresh new way.

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