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REMINDER: “Epidemics in U.S. History” and “Historicizing Black Resistance in the U.S.” Resource Pages

Published September 18, 2020

We would like to remind everyone of the two online resource pages our team developed over the spring and summer months:

Epidemics in U.S. History

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus in the United States and around the world leaves many of us seeking ways  to place the pandemic in historical context. ASHP/CML has compiled a list of resources and discussion questions to assist students, teachers, and the general public in understanding past epidemics and connect this knowledge to the present situation. 

Historicizing Black Resistance in the U.S.

ASHP/CML has compiled resources for those who want to better understand the history of both black oppression and black resistance that make up the U.S. story. This selective compilation highlights materials drawn from our own collections, plus links to other freely accessible documents, collections, lesson plans, and items suitable for students, teachers, researchers, public historians, and the interested public. 

Please share these sites widely, and check back to each as we plan to update and expand the collections.  And stay tuned for another resource page, focused on Elections in U.S. history, that will be available next month.

We are interested in learning more about ASHP/CML’s supporters and the programs and resources that engage you. Our mission is to make social history resources available to students and teachers, so if you can’t find something please let us know.  Share, like, and tweet our resources with others; and download, rate, and review the podcasts for other potential listeners. Please give us feedback on your use of ASHP resources by completing this brief survey. Your responses will help us to better serve you.

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