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Prisoner in My Homeland Wins Gold Medal

Published September 15, 2021

The sixth Mission US game, Prisoner in My Homeland, won the 2021 International Serious Play Awards: Gold Medal in the K-12 Education Category. This Mission follows the experiences of teenager Henry Tanaka, whose family is forced to leave their home on Bainbridge Island, WA, for a prison camp in Manzanar, CA. Players grapple with the choices and challenges faced by more than 120,000 Japanese Americans as they coped with their unjust incarceration during World War II. As in the previous five missions, ASHP/CML developed the historical content for Prisoner in My Homeland in collaboration with academic advisors and Japanese American community stakeholders, and the game was produced in collaboration with WNET and Electric Funstuff.  Check out the recording about developing Prisoner in My Homeland and the challenges of representing Asian American history in an educational game that was presented at the Games for Change Festival:

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