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Picturing U.S. History Forums

Published March 30, 2011

Since October 2008, ASHP/CML’s website Picturing U.S. History has hosted four public discussions on teaching and learning select eras in U.S. history using archival visual evidence. The Picturing History Forums extend the website’s commitment to providing teachers and students with resources that demonstrate ways historical images can illuminate the past as well as critical approaches to teaching with such materials. Structured as succinct blog entries by guest moderators, the Forum is meant to serve as both an active arena for dialogue and a long-term resource for future consultation.

The Forums remain open for your participation! Visit the Picturing U.S. History site to read and comment. In the coming months the website will offer new features, including new book and website reviews as well as additions to “My Favorite Image.” And this fall join the discussion with guest moderator Catherine J. Lavender, College of Staten Island, on the West, and Alice Fahs, University of California at Irvine, on the Civil War.

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