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Now Available: the Third Edition of Who Built America?

Published March 30, 2011

The new edition of Who Built America? Working People and the Nation’s History is now available from Bedford/St Martin’s.

Advance readers of the new edition praised its vision, scope and classroom utility:

Who Built America? Third Edition

Who Built America? is a text book of remarkable scope and diversity, with the narrative drive of a good novel. This is how it should be.”
Betty Mitchell, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Who Built America? is one of the best examples of a textbook telling of history from the bottom up. It does more than simply insert the history of the majority of Americans into a more traditional top-down political history. Who Built America? makes the people on the ground the focus of the textbook, and it does it without sacrificing political history.”
Thomas Humphrey, Cleveland State University

“A history of American society must begin and end with its people and Who Built America? excels at this.”
Gordon Harvey, University of Louisiana, Monroe

Who Built America? stands out from other textbooks in the clarity of its focus. The labor theme serves as an excellent framework, allowing the authors to synthesize most of the events in the standard chronology of history while still providing a distinctive perspective.”
Lawrence A. Peskin, Morgan State University

“The visual materials in Who Built America? have always been terrific. The pictures, for example, are often unique to this text, while one sees the same things over and over in others. Who Built America?‘s successful search for materials on working people in particular makes it especially captivating for students in search of a fresh perspective on the American past.”
Jama Lazerow, Wheelock College

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