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New Media Lab Welcomes 10 New Students

Published March 4, 2013

As part of our continuing effort to support digital research and experimentation in a collaborative interdisciplinary environment, 2013 ushered in 10 new doctoral students into the ranks of the New Media Lab. Bringing our total to 24, NML’s coterie of students comes from 14 programs/subprograms at the Graduate Center, with each student incorporating a range of approaches and tools as they explore the use of new technology in his or her doctoral work. For the first time, we have representation from Educational Psychology (Second Life environments to teach autistic children), French (Digitization of 17th century manuscripts), and Criminal Justice (Othering and Selective Victimization).

New Media Lab student at workAdding to the novelty, the NML now has five awards available to its students:

  • The New Media Lab Digital Dissertation Award
  • The History or Public Health Award
  • The Social Justice Award
  • The Dewey Digital Teaching Award
  • NML Conference Travel Award

We are excited that, along with other recent Graduate Center digital initiatives, the New Media Lab is the site of the cross-pollination and birth of so many new projects and directions in research, teaching, learning, and publishing.

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