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Coming Soon: Who Built America? Third Edition

Published March 30, 2011
Who Built America? Third Edition

In December 2007, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press will publish the third edition of Who Built America? Working People and the Nation’s History. This new edition retains the original’s distinctive interpretation and strong point of view. We continue to tackle controversial issues and offer opinions that are sometimes critical of celebrated figures or dominant beliefs. For this edition, we have taken account of the vast outpouring of recent scholarship to explore more deeply the histories of American Indians, Spanish-speaking peoples, women, the West, and the social and economic impact of globalization. To make the book’s information more manageable for students, we have retained a strong chronological focus while also including additional section titles and standardizing chapter lengths. This edition of Who Built America? also contains more “Voices” in each chapter, excerpts from letters, diaries, autobiographies, poems, songs, journalism, fiction, official testimony, oral histories, and other historical documents. The two-volume textbook was authored by Christopher Clark, Nancy Hewitt, Roy Rosenzweig, and Nelson Lichtenstein, with Joshua Brown and David Jaffee serving as visual editors, Ellen Noonan and Pennee Bender as supervising editors, and Steve Brier as executive editor.

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