American Social History Project • Center for Media and Learning

Brooklyn/Staten Island

I can’t thank ASHP enough for this year’s program and summer institute. I wouldn’t say that it has made my planning “easier” (it’s never easy), but I have felt much more focused – call it outcome oriented? – as I’ve laid out the big picture for the year
—Darren Kessler, I.S. 239

During this three-year program (2006-2009) our staff is working with middle and high school social studies teachers in districts 20, 21, and 31 of the New York City Department of Education. During the school year, teachers are released from school for five day-long seminars led by guest historians and ASHP/CML staff. At summer institutes, teachers work with each other and our staff to create, share, test, and revise classroom materials. Program partners Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Historical Society, and Paley Center for Media host seminars that introduce teachers to their rich collections of art, artifacts, and media.


Teachers who are currently teaching U.S. History from the following schools are eligible to participate:

  • I.S. 303 Herbert S. Eisenberg School
  • I.S. 98 Bay Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • P.S. 99 Isaac Asimov School
  • P.S. 238 Anne E. Sullivan School
  • I.S. 228 David A Boody School
  • I.S. 239 Mark Twain School
  • I.S. 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro School
  • I.S. 96 Seth Low School
  • I.S. 288 Shirley Tanyhill School
  • P.S. 209 Margaret Mead School
  • P.S. 225 Eileen Zaglin School
  • I.S. 27 Annings S. Prall School
  • I.S. 7 Elias Bernstein School
  • I.S. 49 Dreyfus School
  • I.S. 75 Frank D. Paulo School
  • P.S. 80 Michael Petrides School
  • Brooklyn Studio High School
  • John Dewey High School
  • Abraham Lincoln High School
  • Edward R. Murrow High School
  • William Grady High School
  • Lafayette High School
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
  • Ralph McKee High School
  • New Dorp High School
  • Staten Island Technical High School