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Volume Two: Table of Contents

Who Built America? Working People and the Nation’s History
1877 to the Present

By Roy Rosenzweig and Nelson Lichtenstein
Pennee Bender, Supervising Editor
Stephen Brier, Executive Editor
Joshua Brown and David Jaffee, Visual Editors

Part One: Monopoly and Upheaval, 1877-1914

1. Progress and Poverty: Industrial Capitalism in the Gilded Age, 1877-1893
2. Community and Conflict: Working People Respond to Industrial Capitalism, 1877-1893
3. From Depression to Expansion: Industrial Capitalism Triumphs at Home and Abroad, 1893-1900
4. Change and Continuity in Daily Life, 1900-1914
5. Radicals and Reformers in the Progressive Era, 1900-1914

Part Two: War, Depression, and Industrial Unionism, 1914-1946

6. Wars for Democracy, 1914-1920
7. A New Era, 1920-1929
8. The Great Depression and the First New Deal, 1929-1935
9. Labor Democratizes America, 1935-1939
10. A Nation Transformed: The United States in World War II, 1939-1946

Part Three: Cold War America-And After, 1946-2007

11. The Cold War Boom, 1946-1960
12. The Rights-Conscious Sixties, 1960-1973
13. Economic Adversity Transforms the Nation, 1973-1989
14. The American People in an Age of Global Capitalism
15. America’s World After 9/11, 2001-2007

Based on previous editions authored by: Joshua Freeman, Nelson Lichtenstein, Stephen Brier, Joshua Brown, David Bensman, Susan Porter Benson, David Brundage, Bret Eynon, Bruce Levine, and Bryan Palmer.

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