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Teaching American History

“Professional development in practice, not just in name.” That’s how one teacher described our Teaching American History professional development seminars and summer institutes. Since 2003, ASHP/CML has successfully partnered with school districts in New York City and Pennsylvania to develop and implement Teaching American History programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education. These grants allow us to work for three years with groups of grade 7-12 teachers, helping them to strengthen their U.S. History content knowledge and teaching methods.

Our team of historians and experienced educators plan seminars that provide:

  • Speakers, readings, and other content that engage each teacher’s inner historian
  • Classroom-ready materials that work for both teachers and their students
  • Pragmatic strategies for dealing with the realities and challenges facing teachers today
  • Constructive conversations about the elements of effective history teaching
  • A professional and collegial atmosphere for teachers to talk and work together

As historians and media producers located at the intersection of public higher and grade 7-12 education, ASHP/CML brings significant advantages to our Teaching American History programs: a network of leading scholars in U.S. history, decades of experience working with local teachers, and an extensive collection of print and multimedia resources produced by ourselves and others. ASHP/CML staff work closely with independent evaluators to assess and strengthen program approaches and outcomes.

Our currently active TAH programs in New York City include History For All (for grade 5-12 teachers of special education students in districts 31, 19, 20, 21, and 23), History Matters (for grade 7-8 teachers of special education and English Language Learner students in district 32, 27, and 18), and Our American Democracy (for high school teachers in district 12). To enroll in History for All or History Matters, please contact Deborah Nasta at 718-420-5682; to enroll in Our American Democracy, please contact Emily Sintz at 718-861-0521.

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