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Politics and Political Movements

Josh Freeman: Teaching the New Deal

In this 45 minute talk, historian Josh Freeman describes how the New Deal expanded and fundamentally changed the role of government in American life.

Frank Deale: A Brief History of Affirmative Action and CUNY

At the Professional Staff Congress's CUNY and Race Forum, attorney and professor Frank Deale provides historical context for issues surrounding affirmative action and the City University of New York.

David Ruggles, Radical Black Abolitionist, and the Reform Tradition in Antebellum America

Historian Graham Hodges discusses the life of David Ruggles, a radical black abolitionist living and working in New York City during the 1830s.

Grassroots Politics and Reconstruction

Historian Gregory Downs explains how grassroots political movements powered both the radical political possibilities and the ultimate violent defeat of Reconstruction.

What If Poor Mothers Ran the World? Rethinking the War on Poverty

Historian Annelise Orleck (Dartmouth College) tells the incredible story of a gutsy band of former cotton-pickers and hotel maids who led the welfare reform movement in Las Vegas and around the nation.

Women’s History, Women’s Activism: The Shirley Chisholm Center

Barbara Winslow (Brooklyn College) discusses the life and legacy of Shirley Chisholm, the legendary Brooklyn activist, Congresswoman, and presidential candidate.

Many Paths to Progressive Reform

Nancy Hewitt (Rutgers University) puts women at the center of Progressive era reform movements.

The Vietnam War: What Were We Fighting For?

Christian G. Appy (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) discusses the insights gleaned from his investigation of the Vietnam War from American and Vietnamese perspectives.

What’s NEW about the New Deal?

Gerald Markowitz (John Jay College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) describes how FDR's New Deal changed the relationship between the U.S. government and the people.

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