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Border, Immigration, and Citizenship

In this lecture Professor Flores traces the peaks and valleys of undocumented immigration, as well as the political and economic aspects of the influxes.

Josh Freeman: Teaching the New Deal

In this 45 minute talk, historian Josh Freeman describes how the New Deal expanded and fundamentally changed the role of government in American life.

Commemorating the Triangle Fire: Child Labor

This panel on child labor was part of the 100th anniversary remembrance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, March 25, 2011.

Deborah Willis: Is There Anything More to See?

Professor, curator, photographer Deborah Willis discusses the pictorial record and a "new memory of photography."

Janice R. Fine: Immigrant Workers Then and Now

As part of the 100th anniversary remembrance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, political scientist Janice Fine contrasts the situation of immigrant workers at the time of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and today.

Immigrants of the Irish Famine (1845-1855)

Historian Carol Groneman, whose dissertation grounds the scholarship of ASHP's documentary "The Five Points: New York's Irish Working Class in the 1850s," looks at what happened when immigrants of the Irish famine came to the United States (1845-1855)

Teaching With Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series

In this three-part video podcast, ASHP/CML's Donna Thompson Ray shares the benefit of her area of expertise with New York City Department of Education teachers in a discussion about the work of artist Jacob Lawrence.

Slavery and Community

Gregory Downs (City College of New York, CUNY) explores how, in building their own worlds, slaves both sustained their own humanity and altered the institution of slavery.

Freedom and the U.S. Civil War

Jeanie Attie (Long Island University) examines the significance of slavery to the people who fought in and lived during the American Civil War.

What’s NEW about the New Deal?

Gerald Markowitz (John Jay College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) describes how FDR's New Deal changed the relationship between the U.S. government and the people.

Land and Labor in the Era of Reconstruction

Martha Hodes (New York University) explores the many meanings of freedom that emerged at the end of the Civil War.

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