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Immigration and Migration

U.S. Mexican Borderlands, 1848-1941

In this talk, Professor Montoya examines the history of the U.S.-Mexican border, and its role in shaping the national memory and identity of both countries.

Something Old and Something New: The Not So Recent Phenomenon of Unaccompanied Latin American Minor Migration

In this presentation, Isabel Martinez focuses on child migration from Central America to the United States; those who are not detected, as well as those apprehended by authorities.

NAFTA and Narcos: How Free Trade Brought You the Drug Trade

In this lecture, Professor Saldaña-Portillo addresses the multiple ways in which NAFTA has affected the price of labor, increased narco-terrorism, and facilitated the transfer of drugs from Latin America to the United States

Border, Immigration, and Citizenship

In this lecture Professor Flores traces the peaks and valleys of undocumented immigration, as well as the political and economic aspects of the influxes.

Cuban Immigration to the United States

In this lecture, Lisandro Perez unpacks the long, distinct, and prolific history of Cuban Americans and their history’s close correlation with foreign as well as domestic policy.

Dominican Immigration to the United States

In this lecture, Professor Ramona Hernández closely examines both the statistics and the demographics of the increasing Dominican presence in the United States.

Latin@s en Nueva York: Exiles & Citizens—Revolutionaries, Reformers & Writers, 1823-1940

In this talk, Professor Hernandez interprets texts from Puerto Rican educator and sociologist Eugenio María de Hostos as well as the Cuban poet and scholar José Martí.

Beyond Cardboard Conquistadores and Missionaries: The First Europeans in the New World

Andrés Reséndez expands the traditional conception of America's colonial past and paints a richer, more historically accurate picture of the Europeans who settled in the New World.

Conceptualizing Latino/a History

In this panel discussion, Pablo Mitchell, Virginia Sánchez Korrol, and Andrés Reséndez deliberate on ways to incorporate Latino/a histories into Anglo American history, often portrayed as distinct narratives.

Ellis Island: Place and Paradigm

Historian Vincent DiGirolamo discusses the historiography of early 20th-century immigration through Ellis Island.

Mae Ngai: Historical Perspectives on Labor and Immigration Policy

As part of the 100th anniversary remembrance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, historian Mae Ngai explores the relationship between organized labor and immigration policies.

Janice R. Fine: Immigrant Workers Then and Now

As part of the 100th anniversary remembrance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, political scientist Janice Fine contrasts the situation of immigrant workers at the time of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and today.

Cubano New York: Nineteenth Century Immigrants to the World’s Sugar Capital

In this Now and Then podcast, Andrea Ades Vásquez and Pennee Bender interview Lisandro Pérez, professor of Latina/Latino Studies at John Jay College about Cuban immigrants in nineteenth-century New York City.

Immigrants of the Irish Famine (1845-1855)

Historian Carol Groneman, whose dissertation grounds the scholarship of ASHP's documentary "The Five Points: New York's Irish Working Class in the 1850s," looks at what happened when immigrants of the Irish famine came to the United States (1845-1855)

Teaching With Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series

In this three-part video podcast, ASHP/CML's Donna Thompson Ray shares the benefit of her area of expertise with New York City Department of Education teachers in a discussion about the work of artist Jacob Lawrence.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

Historian Fritz Umbach and Anthropologist Kojo Dei (John Jay College, CUNY) put the history of the transatlantic slave trade into a long and complex global context.

Hispanic Migration to the United States

Carlos Sanabria (Hostos Community College, CUNY) discusses Hispanic migration to the U.S. in the post-World War Two era.

Many Paths to Progressive Reform

Nancy Hewitt (Rutgers University) puts women at the center of Progressive era reform movements.

Mid-Nineteenth Century Irish Immigrants and Race

Kevin Kenny (Boston College) discusses the impact of Irish immigration and the nature of prejudice in mid-nineteenth century America.

Immigration, Race, and Citizenship

In this talk to New York City schoolteachers, historian Matthew Jacobson challenges conventional notions about America's immigrant past.

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